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How to Withdraw bitcoins in India after banned?


Well, recently our Reserve Bank Of India put a ban over the exchange of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many more other cryptocurrencies. People who became an active user in the trading of bitcoins seems to get hurt financially and emotionally too. As they kept on investing in bitcoins. Well, also there are some people and websites saying that there are misconceptions regarding the matter of Ban of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in India, and there is nothing like that. But let me clear this point who are still thinking that people of India can still invest their money in the Bitcoin. No, you cant spend anymore but yes if you have bitcoins in your wallet.

How to Withdraw bitcoins in India after banned

Then you have a chance of withdrawing the crypto Bitcoin. And RBI has banned the trading of Bitcoin in India and also declared in the press statement that they are making plans to introduce a new digital currency in India. Till then people of India may wait and keep patience and after that, they can utilize their money in the digital currency that would be introduced in India. And RBI has given a time periods of 3 months to the companies who were providing the services regarding cryptocurrencies to curb the exchange as soon as possible. Many traders seem to abuse the government and RBI for doing it which is why RBI thought of introducing its own digital currency that will soon rule the market.

Way how We Get BTC In India? 

The people who used to trade in cryptocurrencies, heard the news about RBI banned cryptocurrency in India seems to got deeply hurt on hearing that bad news. Because people were earning a good money through the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It means in no time crypto marked its place not only in India but also in hearts of million people, as it became a good source of earning for them. So it was a common thing to get hurt. Only a single question was hovering over their minds that “what would they do with the bitcoins they have in their bitcoin wallet ?” Everyone was looking for a way through he can withdraw his bitcoins. Well, today we will describe how you can still withdraw your bitcoin in India after the ban on cryptocurrency Bitcoin? Users don’t have a need to get panic just stay patient and follow our points. First of all, let me tell you, you will still be able to withdraw bitcoin from their wallet.

When a crypto get banned from any country they simply move to some other countries. Last, when exchanges of China got banned they moved to countries like South Korea and Japan and starting their operations and will start their work. But still, if the exchange of cryptocurrency don’t get started in some other new countries then still there are many alternatives way to withdraw your bitcoin The other way to withdraw bitcoin In India after banned is You can use international payment gateways. International payment gateways help you to convert your fund into euro, Indian rupees, dollars or any other country currency. After converting the fund successfully into the dollars and euro or India rupees, you can finally transfer the money into your bank account directly. And don’t worry there will be no issue during this process.

It’s is a plus point for India if your bank account will get money from the other countries. Here’s the list of International Payment Gateways: Paypal, Inc First Data Corporation BluePay Processing LLC PaySimple Paypal is one of the easiest international payment gateways to convert your fund into your country currency. It was all about the topic “How to withdraw Bitcoin In India after getting banned in India”. Hope you liked our article and we were able to reduce your grief. For more latest updates don’t miss visiting our homepage. And if you find any query about today’s article, or you want to know about anything and looking for any kind of help, you can directly write to us. We will feel happy in case we are able to help you and sort your query.


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